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Nickelloh Ferguson is the founder and CEO of Design by Nickelloh Interior Design.  The Jamaican born designer, has created an established brand that is strongly recognised for its empowering vision that sees design as not only a makeover, but an extraordinary service that positively impacts the quality of life and human experience.

Nickelloh works both as an e-Designer and a Bespoke Interior Designer, serving her clients locally in the UAE, in Australia, and globally across the world.

Nickelloh’s e-Design service supports our clients, no matter where you are in the world, who want to do the interior design themselves, but, would like some assistance and guidance in executing the project.

Nickelloh provides an outstanding level of personal service by overseeing each project, whether bespoke Interior Design or e-Design, with a high level of understanding and most importantly, taking into account your needs and aspirations. Nickelloh’s mission is to constantly ensure her team are on a path of growth and innovation, facilitating the creation of masterpieces whilst dramatically improving quality of living and life.

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Our Concepts

Created For You

To create a great design, there are important interior design concepts that our team follows as interior designers, and most importantly, we work in harmony with the space. There is a thin line between concept, principle, and beauty in interior design. It is the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a structure, a room or a building. As an essential component of our very lives, interior design affects the way we think, feel, live, work, play, and how we heal. So, in simple terms, interior design is a blend of aesthetics of art with the science of knowing people’s behaviour to make a space truly beautiful and functional, and this is the philosophy that drives our concepts.

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Nickelloh Ferguson



Design by Nickelloh

Company Philosophy

We believe that a space should be a work of art that tells a story about the people who occupy it. We create the aesthetics and make the space functional, but most importantly we add emotion through our concepts that truly reflects its owner(s).

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